About Us

Traveline was set up by HM Government in 1999 to establish a multi-modal public transport information service. National Public Transport Information (National PTI) Ltd, trading as Traveline SW, is a not for profit organisation implementing and operating the service across the wider South West.

Our partners are the local authorities covering the whole of area from Land’s End up to Tewkesbury and across to the Hampshire/Sussex border, plus the 11 main transport operators in that area who serve over 80% of the market.

We aim to encourage growth in public transport use by raising the quality of information available to new and existing passengers, using comprehensive and unbiased public transport information databases. We also seek to utilise new technologies to maximise opportunities of access to our databases.

Traveline SW work collaboratively with our regional partners from the South East, East Anglia, East Midlands and West Midlands to deal with over 20 million enquiries per month across this joint area, via website, mobile apps, call centre, SMS and mobile-based Next Buses systems.

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